Kizansh Group has been present in the alcohol-beverage space for nearly three decades and we've had an eventful run, to say the least. Presented below are the key events and occasions that have shaped Kizansh Spirits Ltd.

2016 - 2018

Incorporated as Kizansh Spirits Limited.
(erstwhile named Kizansh Spirits Limited)
Set-up the first distillery at Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh with an installed capacity of 14.4 million bulk litres (BL) per annum.

2018 - 2020

CO2 capture initiated at the Bijnor plant.
Entered into a tie-up with ABD India for bottling of its key brands at Bijnor , Uttar Pradesh.
Entered the Delhi Value Liquor market.

2020 - Present

Completed capacity expansion at the Samalkha & Bijnor plants. The capacity increased from 28.8 million bulk litres to 70 million bulk litres, per annum.

Entered into a tie-up with Jagatjit Industries for the bottling of their popular brands at Uttar Pradesh.
Production capacities in Uttar Pradesh and OTHER states are expanded further, from 35 million liters to 56 million liters of alcohol.
Production capacities plant is started in GOA, PUNJAB, and Jharkhand with expanded further, from 35 million liters to 56 million liters, bulk liters per annum for each location.