Welcome to Kizansh Group of Industries

Table Reserve provides you with an international taste of Indian brands, which also come under the Kizansh Group. They give you an International whisky in Every Premium brand and focus on the quality of ingredients which is very important for our product. We are admired for the quality of our products are natural and mainly used in selected grains. Because of this reason, our product is in demand in Pan India and the global Market. We have our first Indian single-malt whisky with an international taste and a master blender with a smooth combination. Especially Imported from Foreign along with Finest Indian Grains. Our Premium whisky is made with Scotland Malts and selected Indian Grain.

“We work with a high standard of governance. we focus on working very transparently in all terms and policies with Indian spirits. Kizansh provides you with a mixture of scotch including selected Indian grain. We are dealing with all internal and with our customers, supplier, and dealers. We encourage a culture of participation and truthfulness with us. ”
- Harendra Rautela, Founder & Managing Director

Table Reserve distilleries are located in Goa, Haryana,. Our fully integrated plants facilitate the production of Rectified Spirit, Grain Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Value-priced Spirits, and Premium Spirits.

Business Segments

Our business segments are largely divided into manufacturing and consumer business, giving us a strong presence across the value chain.


Manufacturing is the backbone at Table Reserve Limited that keeps us tied together in every aspect of our lines of business, simultaneously serving as a solid foundation for our consumer products.

Since we manufacture our alcohol in-house, we are able to maintain greater control over product cost and quality, allowing the value-oriented consumer direct access to best-in-class high-quality liquor.

Our manufacturing facilities, spread across GOA, Haryana are enabling excellence by maximising yields from raw material. Our fully operational production units allow us to maximise alcohol yield while also optimising the production of by-products leading to complete utilisation of the raw material.

Table Reserve’ facilities are also enabling a clean environment with a zero-pollution footprint and cogeneration of power using renewable biomass as fuel.

Consumer Brands
Value Liquor | Premium Liquor | Black-52 Drinking Water

Manufacturing capabilities at Table Reserve Ltd. have allowed us to build a wide portfolio of consumer brands encompassing a high quality beverage for value-driven and prestige-driven consumers alike.

The reach of our consumer brands extends across India.

Key Figures and Accomplishments

With a presence in four Indian states, Table Reserve has emerged as a leading player in the value-priced spirits segment.
These are some of our key figures and accomplishments.

End-to-end production of bottled beverages
on the portfolio
million bulk
litres of alcohol
Total production
of 24-hour operations
Performance of bulk alcohol production
of Animal Feed Supplement production
MT of CO2 capture
MT of alternative biomass fuel used