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An Equilibrium of a Business Model

Table Reserve is a premium whisky brand by Kizansh. With a well-balanced business model, it encompasses every aspect of the spirits value chain, spanning from the manufacturing of alcohol to a diverse range of consumer portfolios.

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Consumer Segment
Prestige Spirits

Premium spirits for discerning consumers

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Consistent operational excellence within the business of the Prestige Spirits segment.
Kizansh Group's Prestige Spirits segment stands as a market disruptor, boasting a strong portfolio of distinct brands, each with a notable age claim.
Value Spirits

A diverse consumer offering within the portfolio

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Value Spirits
We stand as a trailblazing brand within the Value Spirits category, incorporating a fusion of Indian grains and imported malts.
Our presence spans nationwide, encompassing various Indian states and Union Territories, establishing us as a prominent alcohol brand in the Value Spirits sector within India.
Operational Excellence

The manufacturing facilities of Table Reserve, strategically located across diverse Indian states and Union Territories, facilitate the optimization of alcohol yield. This approach not only maximizes production but also ensures the comprehensive utilization of raw materials.

Years of Experience
of alcohol production with
zero discharge
of Brands
Legacy of
and Tradition
of continuous production
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Social Responsibility

We are committed to a culture of social responsibility that extends beyond the exceptional quality of our whiskies. We understand the impact our industry can have on communities and the environment, and we strive to make a positive difference. From sustainable sourcing of raw materials to ethical manufacturing practices, we prioritize minimizing our ecological footprint. Furthermore, we actively engage in initiatives that support responsible drinking and community welfare.

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