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Black-52 Production

Kizansh Group has high-demand products in the spirits like BLACK-52, as well as Premium products TABLE RESERVE, AND LA MISHA. Kizansh produced 14.4 million bulk liters (BL) per annum of Black-52. which turn into 35 million liters to 56 million liters of alcohol annually production in 2023.

Economical Role

In the economy, the liquor industry is one of the high sources of income and creates a big role and also makes growth in the Indian economic system. As per the research, the liquor industry generates a high amount of revenue. US $49,580.00M turnover in the market of the alcoholic industry in 2023. It is expected to grow annually by 6.53% (CAGR 2023-2027). In the spirits segments the demand makes a large segment in the market volume of US$34,470.00M in 2023.


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Consultant Partner

Kizansh group of industries in India, Basically from Bijnor Uttar Pradesh and we are running in 20 plus states in India. With 100% satisfaction among consumers in India and also in other countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Daman & Diu. In now, the current situation we are also starting new manufacturing units within production in these Goa, Punjab, and other states.

Kizansh Followers

we believe in the culture and corporate culture because company culture is the backbone of any successful organization. Employees play the role that helps in corporate culture and make a great platform. In the current report, Kizansh is produce 35 million liters to 56 million liters of alcohol annually. Launch new product India and also the production is started in Goa, Punjab, and other states. currently serving in 20 states in India. With 100% satisfaction consumer rates.