Globus ProRice - Animal Feed Supplement

Globus ProRice, Animal Feed Supplement from Table Reserve Ltd, is a high-nutrient feed ingredient having immense potential for a variety of animal species. The high-protein, high energy combination provides an excellent alternative to expensive feed sources currently being used by the industry.

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Carbon Dioxide

CO2 is a co-product of ethanol fermentation. It evolves during the alcohol fermentation of the wort as soon as the yeast is inoculated to the saccharified grain mash.

Our locations have the capability of producing Industrial Grade and Food Grade carbon dioxide in both, liquid and dry forms.

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The Globus Pro Sanitize Instant Hand Sanitiser, which was launched in view of the COVID-19 crisis, has been created in accordance with the WHO approved formula, and is available in bulk and retail packaging. The sanitiser is equally effective on hands and on hard surfaces, with proven effectiveness for killing 99.99% of germs.

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