Demineralized water

We use the water to sanitize containers and equipment. and also, we used it in certain food processing applications, although filtration. We usually use this technology for organic material, bacteria, viruses, etc.
we didn't use this as drinking water, because it's harmful body and different part.

Grain Neutral spirits

There are many ingredients are used for making spirits, one of the most is Grain Neutral Spirits. The term used encompasses various kinds of gran alcohols. These spirits are the standard premium alcohol produced by fermenting and distilling Corn, Rye, Wheat, Barley, Rice, or other grains.

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Indian mature malt

Indian Single Malt is very different from Scotland or other malt. Single malt in Indian matures much faster and there is a reason behind this a few years old all single malt whisky, especially Indian single malt must be matured for a minimum of three years and a day in the oak cask, and then they produce a single distillery.

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Technical Alcohol

Denatured Spirit or Technical Alcohol is ethanol with multiple additives, rendering it completely unfit for human consumption. This category of alcohol is often used as a solvent or as a fuel for burners and stoves.