Serving the strong community of the society.

At Kizansh Group, we are paying our privilege forward and paving the way for strong communities. We have always been a core value and serval efforts to address the need of multiple segments in rural, urban, and agricultural communities of India.

Hasta Bachpan

BRING A SMILE AND JOY TO THE SMALL ONES. We are contributing our support to those who are serving food, shelter, and education and fighting for a search for livelihood to live. Kizansh Group's privilege to work for the homeless and little children ones because are serving their life for everything. We try to provide our better support and things to them like food, arrange shelter, and education.

We take a step to change the world.
Livelihood: We are on a mission to support the efforts of agricultural and rural communities to restore the natural ecosystems that are the foundations.
Food: We provide basic necessities like food and water to kids and the poor.
Environment: Valuable funds are utilised to help carry out projects for environmental wellness.
Education: Hasta Bachpan also aids children’s education to shape their future.

Latamfle Job Consultant

The Latamfle Foundation is a not-for-profit entity incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act. IPSF comprises promising, young, environmentally conscious individuals who come from varying business fields and have a shared vision of shouldering the responsibility as individuals and as an entity to protect and support all endeavours that are environmentally progressive.

Latamfle works to affect positive change towards the environment by connecting the dots between all concerned stakeholders by building awareness and buy-ins against stubble burning with farmers. The organisation also introduces and promotes the use of technological interventions; they stand as partners for farmers by bridging the gap towards awareness of available technologies; they also act as facilitators to ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge and awareness on all government schemes and subsidies for farmers.