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The Company is registered with trademarks of the Kizansh Group in 2016. Table Reserve belongs to Kizansh Group and we registered trademarks of the Table Reserve in 2016. Under the Kizansh Group, we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of all visitors to the website of the Table Reserve.
By accessing and using this site, you have to consent to follow the terms of this Privacy Policy
are important for the TABLE RESERVE.
This statement describes the information gathering and dissemination practices for our Web site, including the types of information we collect for that information

Our Digital visitors' Sources of personal data to collect and proceed with our lawful bases on it.
Our Business Partners (this section covers existing and prospective business partners, and suppliers collectively called Business Partners.) amendment

This information collects and process about our customers is primarily business information. Including the personal data related to employees, directors authorized signatories, and other individuals associated with our existing or prospective Business Partners. We proceed with the lawful and company prospectives.


We may disclose your data to our affiliates, we may use your information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. In so doing, they will be data controllers of your information together with us. As data controllers, our affiliates will process your data in compliance with the GDPR and other relevant data protection laws.


we work on authorized and legal forms. We may share your data with third parties
who are controllers of your data as follows:
• where required by law and similar mandatory disclosures. • In connection with a merger, sale, or asset transfer.
• Other third parties for whom we have obtained your permission or consent to disclose your data.
NOTE: We never give you any links or mail from our side, remember we never provide any third party from our side to any distributor.


Our Company may disclose your information for law enforcement as per permitted by the law and their investigation, prevent or take action regarding any other illegal activities, suspected, violation of our property rights & situation involving potential threats to the safety of any person, and agreement as per the required by Law.
Because the Company never accepts any damage against the brand and its market image.


We may revise this Privacy Policy at any time by amending this page. Any changes to our processing will take effect within a reasonable period after posting the amended Privacy Policy so that you would have time to consider if you are ok with the changes.

Investment plan for district-level distribution:

• The Company will only provide you a license with the confirmed agreement a sign by another Authorized person.
• At the district level all brands of the Kizansh group Including premium sections/beverages. • We will provide you with as per the agreement conditions. • If our brand name harm and damage by any intent. The Company has all rights to cancel all terms and agreements immediately without any refund.

Investment plan for State level distribution:

• The company will provide all legal Documents are legal documents for the state but legal with the properties of the Kizansh Group of amendments. • And all alternation did by the business partner and businessmen. • The company has all right to register to cancel the agreements if anyone tries to damage the brand value and name of the company. • The company will never negotiate any terms and conditions for harming brand value, they will take immediately a legal action against the person and protect the brand value of the company.

Company Privacy policy.

Our Company provides you License with all legal agreements and documents from confirmed authorized partners of the Kizansh. This privacy policy outlines the information you submit to us during registration. Those are looking for a License for the district or state-level investment with Kizansh. we provide you with particular agreements for every product of us. No third party of Kizansh will connect you from our side after the investment or registration. we never run any consultants or agencies for this.
PLEASE NOTE: our privacy policy does not apply to any information you provide to third parties. So, if you harm the company or damage any identity of the company identity. The company has all rights to cancel its license and agreement immediately.


On August 22, 2016, KIZANSH GROUP. we have started a group of distilleries and bottling plants from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. And, nowadays we are providing PAN India with our services and production of Liquor. The brain behind the brand KIZANSH is Mr. Harendra Rautela who served India's next level of hooch brand. More than 20 lakhs serving of our liquors are enjoyed in India Five other Countries and a few Union Territories like Nigeria and Daman and Diu. We work in business in the right way, not just the easy way. we are always ready to learn about sustainable and ethical ways of working. In the upcoming days, we are planning to start our new project in GOA, PUNJAB and JHARKHAND.